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Our Approach

SVSR strive for best practice, with advanced knowledge, advanced processes and smart business model. The way we conduct our business is just as important as the quality of services we provide.

Across the company, in both our Sewer Venting and Crane Hire Services, we focus on customer need. We aim for best practice in our capability and the solutions we deliver.

Our manufacturing operations involve research and development, planning and design, supply chain and logistics, customised products and quality customer service and support.

We are committed to:


Workplace Diversity

SVSR is committed to cultural and gender diversity in the workplace. We are an equal opportunity employer. Leading by example through humility, and respecting every individual.

Professional Development

SVSR employees are provided professional development opportunities in their area of responsibility.

Work Experience Placements

SVSR provide work experience for post-school leavers with disability, through Transition to Work program. People with a disability or significant barriers to work, have opportunity for meaningful preparation to find a job. Being valued as a member of our team, while growing in skills, experience and independence. This facilitates young people to find long-term work, as a contributing member of our community.

University Level Internships

We engage with students from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics backgrounds to apply for our university internship program.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SVSR reinvests in the local community. Our core values include compassion and empowering others. We make donations to organisations where the financial support makes a tangible difference. Example Red Kite supporting families with a child in cancer treatment; disability support and aged care.



SVSR demonstrate a commitment to research through:

  • Increased spending on research and development
  • Collaboration with research institutions
  • Collaboration with other manufacturers
  • Internships for students with science, technology, engineering and maths skills
  • Research Partners

We are currently collaborating with The University of New South Wales and The University of Wollongong, on research projects.

Process Innovation

Process innovation is a priority at SVSR. To support growth in this area we have:

  • Introduced new equipment
  • Improved inventory management
  • Improved operational processes
  • Compliance – Our welding staff and procedures are tested & certified compliant, in accordance with the requirements of: AS/NZS 1554.6:2012 Category 1B; AS/NZS 1554.1:2014 SP & AS/NZS 1554.3:2014.

We are committed to Work Health and Safety and Quality Assurance compliance. We have quality that is in accordance with the AS 9001. We also operate in accordance with the 2008 WHS quality assurance AS 4801.

Collaboration & Growth

SVSR build partnerships with other manufacturers. We have joined the network of manufacturing companies: Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network, and Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, to develop innovative industry-based partnerships.


Local Purchasing

SVSR use suppliers who operate within the local business community. If supplies are not available from a local provider, they will be purchased within Australia where possible.


Materials used in company operations are recycled through local government and commercial recycling programs.

Company Wide Sustainable Practice

Sustainable practice is embedded in our company culture. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, and Reform.