The Science of Sewers


Sewer  ventilation  pipes  were  designed  and  built  from  the  1940’s  to  1970’s  by Australian Councils and Water Agencies. They are typically 9-14m in height and are fabricated from reinforced concrete or mild steel. Their primary role is to reduce pressure surges in sewage collection systems, and they also play a vital role in ventilating odorous and corrosive sewer gases from deteriorating concrete underground collection systems. They are often located in residential back yards, on footpaths adjacent to roads and essential services (electricity, gas and water lines) and areas where access to the vent is severely restricted, and where there are many sensitive receptors nearby.

Many vents have exceeded their design life; they no longer function adequately, are badly corroded and in some cases present a clear risk to public safety.

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Chapter 1: Chemistry

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Chapter 2: Fluid Dynamics

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Chapter 3: Flow Rates