Mini Crane Hire

We have a range of machines that are well maintained, fueled and ready to go when you need them. Ask about the Maeda MC 405 Mini Crawler Crane, with an amazing 21m reach!

SVSR Mini Cranes are specialists in providing lifting solutions for:

  • Steel and beam erection
  • Construction high-rise lifting
  • Interior and exterior applications
  • Curtain wall panel lifting
  • Glass erection

  • Landscaping
  • Demolition
  • Concrete panelling
  • Wet hire with experienced operators
  • Dogmen
  • Rigging

Our Cranes

We have a range of machines that are well maintained, fueled and ready to go when you need them. We are more than happy to assist you no matter what size your project is so why not give us a call.

Maeda MC405

Maeda mini crawler cranes
4Fall/2Fall Hook Block
Maximum working radius – 16m
Lifting Capacity 3.83t x 2.7m
Outrigger Safety System

Available with one of our skilled Operators or Dry Hire

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Maeda MC305

Maeda mini crawler cranes.
Outrigger Safety System
4Fall/2Fall Hook Block
Two Way Remote Controller
Lifting Capacity 2.98t x 2.5m

Available with one of our Skilled Operators or Dry Hire

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Site Inspection

We provide a site inspection prior to the job being confirmed. This is to assess the location, site conditions and parking availability which will assist us in ascertaining what equipment is required and what crane size is appropriate. A customised Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and pre-start safety checklist will be completed & provided to our customer before commencing work on site. Copy of staff licences and other relevant insurances can be provided with the SWMS, if required.

SVSR Cranes at Work

Residential Properties

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SVSR’s Mini Cranes are an ideal solution for working in areas that are tight and narrow and provide a practical solution for all types of residential projects, whether it be lifting steel or timber beams, concrete pylons, air-conditioning units or items to lift to a higher level. Our staff at the Site Inspection will assess the location and the project and work with you for the best outcome.

Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties

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SVSR’s Mini Cranes are compact and practical to work efficiently and safely in confined spaces with difficult and restricted access. Whether you need panelling or beams lifted to higher levels with the stability of one of our Mini Cranes you can finish your project with ease.

Construction Sites

Construction Sites

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SVSR’s Mini Cranes offer a perfect solution for a range of constructions projects, including installation of lighting, air conditioning units, water tanks, lifting glass panels, steel beams, concrete panels. They have the flexibility to work on constructions sites with restricted site access, including suspended slabs and concrete platforms and can be elevated to multi-level sites or rooftops.

Community Areas

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SVSR we are fully aware that not all jobs can be performed between 9am-5pm due to a variety of site restrictions. If you have a site that has time restraints due to your customer clientele, high peak traffic hours or outside school hours are necessary, then we are more than happy to work with you to meet those needs, to ensure the job is completed professionally and safely so as to not affect your customers.

Backyard Renovations

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SVSR’s Mini Cranes are ideal for backyard construction requirements or landscaping. Their ability to be stabilised on uneven ground allows them the manoeuvrability to get into tight areas where other cranes won’t fit. They can assist you in installing air conditioning, water tanks, spas, pizza ovens, outdoor settings and landscaping materials.

Specialised or Custom Design Items

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Do you have a unique custom designed item you need lifted into place? At SVSR we can assist you with our Mini Cranes. When you speak with one of our friendly staff who will arrange a site inspection, our Crane Operator will assess the location where your special item is to be moved from and to and the best possible solution to safely and efficiently put it in place for you, as we appreciate how special these items are to our customers.

Lifting Glass Panels

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SVSR’s Mini Cranes can assist with lifting glass panelling to elevated multi-level construction sites, residential & commercial properties.

Rural or Natural Environments

Rural or Natural Environment

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SVSR’s Mini Cranes are ideal for tight and restricted access in rural or natural environments. We have carried out numberous projects in Nationals Parks, urban bushland, areas adjacent to natural waterways, areas containing threatened flora and fauna and Aboriginal/European heritage sites.

Electricity Stations

Electricity Stations

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Due to the size and manoeuvrability of SVSR’s Mini Cranes they are perfect for sites that have limited or restricted access, including Electricity Sub-Stations. We have previously assisted Endeavour Energy

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