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SVSR demonstrate a commitment to research through:

  • Increased spending on research and development
  • Collaboration with research institutions
  • Collaboration with other manufacturers
  • Internships for students with science, technology, engineering and maths skills
  • Research Partners

We are currently collaborating with The University of New South Wales and The University of Wollongong on research projects.

Media Releases

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Process Innovation

Process innovation is a priority at SVSR. To support growth in this area we have:

  • Introduced new equipment
  • Improved inventory management
  • Improved operational processes
  • Compliance – Our welding staff and procedures are tested & certified compliant, in accordance with the requirements of: AS/NZS 1554.6:2012 Category 1B; AS/NZS 1554.1:2014 SP & AS/NZS 1554.3:2014.

We are committed to Work Health and Safety and Quality Assurance compliance. We have quality that is in accordance with the AS 9001. We also operate in accordance with the 2008 WHS quality assurance AS 4801.

Collaboration & Growth

SVSR build partnerships with other manufacturers. We have joined the network of manufacturing companies: Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network, and Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, to develop innovative industry-based partnerships.

Duncan Reynolds

R&D Manager

 +61 418 960 829

I am the Regional Marketing and Research & Development Manager with 15 years’ combined experience in the water utilities and construction sectors.

Known for being innovative with an entrepreneurial mindset, I’m passionate about unearthing, creating and delivering services that protect the environment and enhance our sustainability for future generations.

In recent years, I’ve branched into wastewater research as I’m fascinated by scientific developments in sewage treatment technology, and I’m keen to use my industry knowledge to link practical solutions with cutting-edge science, delivering real-world applications that solve complex problems related to urbanisation.

Area of Research

In early 2017, SVSR partnered with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to conduct a feasibility study for the application of solar-activated catalytic nanoparticles to achieve odour control in reticulated sewage networks across NSW.

Multi-disciplinary approaches are required, including Civil and Environmental, Renewables and Photovoltaics, Chemistry and Materials Science, Mechanical and Manufacturing.

Ambitious and always seeking to stay ahead of the pack, my research aims to take this field further by maximising opportunities to introduce commercial technologies currently available in Japan and deliver them to the Australian market. Our sewage treatment process can be at the forefront of decontamination, to benefit Australia’s environment, society and economy.

Looking to advance research efforts and commercially develop new products and services, I welcome new connections with academics and water and wastewater industry professionals.

Copies of my research papers and presentations can be found on our SVSR News by clicking here.

Please connect with me directly via phone or email.

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