HSEQ Compliance

At SVSR, we are serious about being an Industry Leader. Our dedicated commitment represents a complex, continually changing process where regulated, self-regulated and voluntary compliance is expected and encouraged from all our personnel. While we realise that no system is perfect, we are continually striving for improvements and to be the best in the Industry. This goal is built into all our day-to-day operations and everything we do.

We believe that accreditation of our WHS, QA and Environmental Management Systems should provide you the confidence of knowing that your next Project is in safe hands.

Work Health and Safety Compliance Management Systems

Building and Installing vent shafts is high-risk Work, so Safety is our Number 1 priority.

All Projects are Pre-planned and include submission of a detailed Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) which is submitted to the Client and any interested stakeholder’s prior to Works commencing on-Site.

Our Qualified Staff

Our staff have the following Licenses:

  • WorkCover Approved Site Safety Supervisors.
  • Crane Operator Licenses (C6) and Dogging Licenses (DG)
  • Truck Licenses (MR and HR)
  • Work Safely at heights (EWP)
  • Work with Confined Spaces (CSE)
  • Excavation and Work near underground services
  • Concreting and Erection of Formwork and scaffold

Quality Assurance

Our quality performance is built on our years of experience on the work shop floor and on Site.

At SVSR we relentlessly strive to achieve maximum value for our Clients by selecting the best quality materials for manufacturing. Our design, manufacture and installation processes ensure that the products we provide have maximum asset life and minimal on-going maintenance costs.

SVSR’s Quality Control Management System provides our Client’s with the knowledge that they are dealing with an experienced Industry Leader using the best Product’s available on today’s market.

Environmental Management

At SVSR we are committed to minimising the negative effects of our Work on the Community and the Natural Environment.

Community Relations

Since the majority of vent shafts are located on private property and in resident’s front and backyards, our first priority is to communicate with property owners to keep them updated on the Project. We also liaise with other interested stakeholders including neighbours, local councils, government organizations, developers and private businesses. A typical vent shaft Project includes:

  • Inspection and assessment of the sewer vent shaft including liaise with resident’s on the likely impact to them (eg. Noise, dust, traffic etc.).
  • Recommendations for the most appropriate course of action and organising all Approvals and access to the Site.
  • On completing the Works, addressing any issues that may have arisen.

We are committed to developing and maintaining positive, effective relationships with customers, local communities and other key stakeholders. Our primary objective is to provide customers with updated information and a high standard of service. As a company, we value integrity and professionalism.

Our staff take a personal approach to dealing with customers; being polite, professional and courteous. We observe agreed working hours and special conditions relating to working at particular problematic sites.

Where the work has a high impact to the wider community, a site specific Contractor Community Liaison Plan will be developed for each site. We build community needs into the project plans to allow sufficient timeframes for the delivery of communications.

The Natural Environment

We have carried out numerous projects in National Parks, urban bushland, areas adjacent to natural waterways, areas containing threatened flora and fauna, Aboriginal/European heritage sites and areas with Acid Sulfate Soil issues.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) meets the requirements of AS/ISO 14001 and we have prepared numerous Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) for Government and Private Industry.

Supply & repair of sewer vent shafts (SVS) may require the removal of vegetation and may produce small amounts of dust, noise or emissions in areas of environmental sensitivity.

A Site Assessment Checklist captures any environmental sensitivities and Ecologically Endangered Communities (EEC) at the site. Our Project Manager works with a specialist Environmental Scientist to identify any hazards or risks to the area and establishes processes for minimising or removing those risks.

Sensitive environments have additional site-specific environmental impact assessment before work commences. Following the completion of work, Sewer Vent Supplies & Repairs will leave the site in, or rehabilitate the site to the same or similar condition as it was prior to undertaking work.

Vent Shaft Cowls

Both induct and educt cowls are fitted with stainless steel shafts and sealed stainless steel bearings to minimise damage from highly corrosive sewer gases and reduce the asset owner’s ongoing maintenance costs. They come in most popular colours.

For sizes, materials and weight details.

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SVSR specialise in manufacture, delivery and installation of vent shafts to any job site. Our personnel are experienced, licensed and ready to help you meet your Project requirements. Talk to one of our friendly staff today about having your vent shaft installed on site to suit your schedule.

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Engineering and Fabrication

At SVSR we strive to achieve maximum value for our clients by selecting the best quality materials for manufacturing. Our design, fabrication and installation processes ensure that the products we provide have maximum asset life and minimal on-going maintenance costs.

SVSR’s Quality Control Management System provides our clients with the knowledge that they are dealing with an experienced industry leader using the best products available on today’s market.

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