SVSR specialise in on-site works involving the removal and relocation of aging, deteriorating vent shafts for regional Councils and Water Agencies. Our personnel are experienced, licensed and ready to help you meet your Regional areas requirements, including accessing difficult vent shafts (eg Residents backyards, working near roadways, overhead power lines and underground services). We provide detailed design advice, odour/gas assessment and condition assessment of existing vent shafts, helping you plan your maintenance budget.

Our Services

We use our fleet of cranes and trucks and offer the following services:

Renewal of existing vent shafts

SVSR specialise in the replacement of existing reinforced concrete sewer vent shafts. We have demolished and replaced literally thousands of vent shafts across NSW for Councils, Sydney Water and other Water Agencies throughout Australia. Vent shaft replacement is the most cost-effective option over the long-term for infrastructure and Asset owners as vent shafts require little or no ongoing maintenance.

Installation of new vent stacks

For urban development Projects or “Greenfields” Estates, SVSR can assist with Design and Construction of new wastewater assets, including vent shafts. Building and delivering vent shafts to your requirements is our core business, whether for installation by Others or installation by SVSR team.

Demolition and Relocation to alternate site

Relocating existing infrastructure is an important part of the development process. SVSR can advise on asset location requirements, carry out Project Co-Ordination as well as conduct all on-site Works to ensure important assets are protected whilst meeting community, water agency and developers requirements.


  • 4 Tonne Maeda Mobile Crawler Crane (SWL 3.8 Tonne)
  • 3 Tonne Maeda Mobile Crawler Crane (SWL 2.9 Tonne)
  • Isuzu delivery Truck with 8m wheel-base
  • Isuzu Work-Truck (13 Tonne GVM) with Hiab fitted
  • Inner 308mm Outer 850mm

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