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SVSR supply and install vent shafts for Sydney Water accredited Major and Minor Works Constructors throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains.

SVSR specialise in manufacture, delivery and installation of vent shafts to any job site.

We can help with your Sydney Water Project by

  • Assisting with Project design, Tendering  and procurement
  • Completion of Pre-Works Safety, Environmental and Quality Assurance documentation
  • Manufacturing and delivering vent shafts to site
  • Installing vent shafts using SVSR’s modern fleet of cranes, plant and equipment

Our personnel are experienced, licensed and ready to help you meet your Project requirements.

To view Sydney Waters Fact Sheet regarding Ventilation Shafts please click HERE

Vent Shafts

Deemed to Comply (DTC)

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Deemed to Comply (DTC) vent shaft – Design Life of 50-60 years in the most extreme corrosive environments. Manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel. Standard sizes are DN150, DN225, DN300 plus custom sizes eg DN400 and DN450.

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Guy-wire Vent Shaft

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Guy-Wire vent shaft –Manufactured from either 316 or 304 grade stainless steel and available from 10m to 18m in height.

Sydney Water Drawing Nos.

EPS 700.01

EPS 700.02

EPS 700.03

EPS 700.04

EPS 700.05

EPS 700.06

Wall-mounted Vent Shaft

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Wall-mounted vent shaft – Ideal vent shaft for medium and high density development and where access is severely limited. Can be off-set around eaves and gutters on new buildings. Sized at DN150, DN225 or DN300mm in diameter to any approved height. Requires fixing to double-brickwork or structural concrete over 150mm in thickness

Post Vent Shafts

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Post Vent – A freestanding structure. Sized at 150, 225 or 300mm in diameter to a maximum of 9 metres in height.

Drawings Plan EPS 700.07


Treatment process regarding finishes on Stainless steel products are outlined in Sydney Water July 2015 update.  The default finish is now bead blasting:  “2.3 Surface Finish – Unless otherwise specified, painting of stainless steel vents is not required. All external stainless steel surfaces shall be bead blasted to achieve a non-directional low reflective uniform matt finish  with a surface roughness profile of Ra 3.5 to 4.5 microns. Blast media shall be glass. The blasting media shall be free of contamination including iron and steel.” Coating to WSA 201 Standard using Pur-B system is available where specified.

Vent Shaft Cowls

There are 3 types of vent shaft cowling available: wire cowl (non-directional, also known as a bird cage); rotating cowl (also known as a whirly bird, used in educt cowls); and forced induct cowl (has a tail like appendage). We manufacture, supply and install.

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SVSR specialise in manufacture, delivery and installation of vent shafts to any job site. Our personnel are experienced, licensed and ready to help you meet your Project requirements. Talk to one of our friendly staff today about having your vent shaft installed on site to suit your schedule.

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Engineering and Fabrication

At SVSR we strive to achieve maximum value for our clients by selecting the best quality materials for manufacturing. Our design, fabrication and installation processes ensure that the products we provide have maximum asset life and minimal on-going maintenance costs.

SVSR’s Quality Control Management System provides our clients with the knowledge that they are dealing with an experienced industry leader using the best products available on today’s market.

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HSEQ Compliance

At SVSR, we’re serious about being an Industry Leader. Our commitment represents a complex, continually changing process where regulated, self-regulated and voluntary compliance is expected and encouraged from all our personnel. While we realise that no system is perfect, we are continually striving for improvements and to be the best in the Industry. This goal is built into all our day-to-day operations and everything we do.

We believe that accreditation of our WHS, QA and Environmental Management Systems provides you confidence knowing that your next Project is in safe hands.

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