The DN400 x 25m vent shaft

Many in the sewer vent shaft industry would baulk at a site that called for a non-standard vent shaft design. But as Jeff from Ken Hale Plumbing discovered, that’s just what the team at SVSR loves to get their hands dirty with.

The Site Requirements

The site requirements

While Sydney Water has approved standard vent shaft designs, not every job in the industry fits into a standard box. On a particular job at Strathfield that Ken Hale Plumbing had been contracted to complete, the vent shaft required was larger in both diameter and height than the standard designs.

So, Jeff called in the team at SVSR.

Robin spent a lot of time going back and forth with the site engineers and the Water Services Coordinator because the vent was freestanding and so tall. When I gave Robin the plan, he knew exactly what he was doing and went straight to the Water Services Coordinator with his questions to ensure the project was all going to be okay.”

Taking a load off

Taking a load off

For Jeff, working with the team at SVSR on this project was a dream.

I just wanted the vent installed – I didn’t want to know about the back and forth. Because of how Robin took control and just handled it, it took a load off me so I wasn’t having to worry about knowing what size bolts needed to be used on the vent.”

The final result

The final result

The vent shaft that the SVSR team produced was a DN400 x 25 metre DTC type vent shaft.

Given the size of the vent shaft, it required special transport and the skilled services of the on-site crane operator.

SVSR also built and installed the reo cage base block and the vent shaft itself.

As an indication of the robustness of the design, there is approximately 9.5 cubic metres (or 22 tonnes) of concrete in the base block.

An ongoing relationship

An ongoing relationship

Jeff and Ken Hale Plumbing have a great working relationship with the team at SVSR.

It can be 12 months between jobs, but when I ring Robin he is always willing to help us out. When I needed help with a low-level vent recently, he supplied me with everything I needed to complete the job.

SVSR really help you out… they deal with things and take the job on with you so you’re not alone. It can be very stressful so it’s great to know they are there on the ride with you.”

At the end of the day, it’s just about SVSR getting the job done.


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