A Detailed and Safe Sewer Vent Installation for Sydney Metro

Sewer vent installed on top of the building

SVSR has been providing first-class sewer vent shaft design, installation and removal for decades. Our client list includes regional councils, Sydney Water and larger government bodies. Most recently we installed a quality sewer vent in Chatswood for the Sydney Metro project.

Whilst the installation was seamless and stress-free, the preparation itself was lengthy – and it involved working with multiple organisations and approval levels.

It’s a clear illustration of why attention to detail, safety expertise and collaborative negotiation are at the core of quality sewer vent installation.

Clean train station

About the Sydney Metro Project

The Sydney Metro – Tunnel Stations Excavation (TSE) project is the current stage of the Transport NSW planned Sydney Metro extension.

A 15.5km long underground Sydney Metro Southwest line will extend the existing Metro Northwest line from its current terminus at Chatswood, through the city centre, to Sydenham in the inner west.

Project construction includes 15.5km twin tunnels, a 750m long twin running tunnel under Sydney Harbour and metro stations at Crows Nest, Victoria Cross, Barangaroo, Martin Place, Pitt Street and Waterloo. Stage 2 of the project is scheduled for completion in 2021.

Sewer Vent Solution for Sydney Metro

The SVSR Sewer Vent

The recent SVSR project involved the installation of a wall sewer vent on a temporary structure in Chatswood, erected as part of Sydney Metro constructions. Whilst the installation took a matter of hours… the preparation spanned two years.

The long project lead-up was due to a number of factors including approval requirements from several commercial bodies, and very specific safety considerations.

MMA Civil, a subcontractor of project lead John Holland, commissioned SVSR for the sewer vent installation.

Given the site location above and adjacent to power lines, we also worked with Ausgrid to ensure our plans met all potential safety risks in what was normally a “no-go zone”.

Flat sheets and construction materials on the table

From inception to installation

Justin McTiernan, Project Manager with MMA Civil first approached SVSR more than two years ago. He worked directly with SVSR General Manager, Robin Adams, and more recently, Chris Antoun, our Compliance Manager, to see the project from inception to installation.

“We had to excavate to find the existing sewer line which took some time, and we spent months looking at methodologies,” explains Justin. “It was a detailed project and we worked with the specific requirements of Transport NSW and all parties.”

One major factor was safety. “The installation was very close to power lines,” adds Chris. “We had to negotiate with Ausgrid as we were working directly above their asset. We organised crane hire and a detailed lift plan with the crane company and completed a comprehensive Safe Work Method Statement prior to installation.”

While all this preparation took close to two years, the installation was decidedly quicker. “It took around six hours in the end for our full installation,” says Chris.

Man carrying a vent shaft

Quality sewer vent shaft solutions

While it was a lengthy project, Justin was more than happy with the end result. “Throughout the entire project, SVSR were very professional and thorough. I’m working with them again now on a project in Sydenham, and I will definitely use them again in future.”

Attention to detail and industry knowledge are SVSR hallmarks. We pride ourselves on our expert sewer vent shaft and vent cowl design, fabrication and installation, our innovative odour filters, and our ability to work in diverse sites and sectors.

Quality and tailored sewer vent solutions are our speciality. So, please contact us if you need a first-class sewer vent solution for any size project.



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