SVSR Moves Ahead with ANSTO Graduate Institute

SVSR - ANSTO deep technology hub

Last year we brought you news that SVSR had been accepted into the ANSTO deep technology hub at Lucas Heights in Sydney. As part of this exciting collaboration, we’re now looking to expand our expert team with the help of the ANSTO Graduate Institute. This will help us move forward with our key research focus: sustainable odour control.

As Duncan Reynolds, Research and Development Manager for SVSR, explains, “Nandin has provided us an excellent platform that has enabled our business access to collaborate with the brightest minds and industry experts.”

And with the ANSTO Graduate Program, we will now have access to the best and brightest university graduates from around the country.

Innovating with ANSTO

Innovating with ANSTO

ANSTO’s deep technology hub helps members focus on practical applications for new research.

It’s a collaboration that has been instrumental for SVSR as we work towards scale-up and commercialisation of our sustainable odour control project.

We’re looking for smart, sustainable solutions for wastewater networks – to help control odours and, even more significantly, the corrosive gases that can cause major disruption to sewer networks and damage to infrastructure. This damage can be extensive… and cost billions of dollars to repair.

In collaboration with scientist Dr Rakesh Joshi at UNSW, SVSR is working to develop a graphene oxide (GO) membrane. It’s a solution designed to absorb the wastewater odours and vapours that are particularly prevalent in ageing sewage systems.

Given there are currently over 10,000 vent shafts throughout Australia with most of them built over 80 years ago – and often located in residential backyards – the project has enormous potential.

The ANSTO Graduate Institute

The ANSTO Graduate Institute

The ANSTO Graduate Institute is a key component of the ANSTO Innovation Precinct. It will bring together leading science graduates to work within ANSTO to support the development of innovation for industry.

“Continual innovation is key to success,” says Dr Adi Paterson, ANSTO CEO, “and SVSR is doing just that by using science to become more efficient in their operations (and) find long-term sustainable solutions.”

SVSR is now on the lookout for an engineering graduate (ideally Chemical, Civil or Environmental) with excellent communication skills to help us better understand and manage odour emission from sewer vent shafts. Full details are here.

Smart sewer solutions

Smart sewer solutions

SVSR is the leader in sewer vent shaft design, fabrication and installation. We’ve been embracing innovation now for more than two decades with programs such as the ANSTO Graduate Institute and the UNSW Maker Games, where students of the University of New South Wales, using our brief, designed a prototype of a potentially life-changing ventilation mask for sewer workers.

We’re looking forward to embracing new expertise with the ANSTO Graduate Institute, so we can continue to deliver smart and sustainable solutions for Sydney Water and councils across NSW.

Right now, we design and manufacture quality sewer vent shafts plus educt and induct vent cowls. And we maintain vent shafts across the state. If you have an ageing vent shaft on your property, contact us to discuss your options.


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