SVSR Supporting Regional Councils through 2020 National Water Week

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Last week was National Water Week, and as SVSR continues to provide expert sewer vent solutions for regional councils across Australia, it’s a timely reminder of the key role sewer vents play in wastewater networks – and in efficient water services.

SVSR recently completed two separate projects for Armidale Regional Council that showcase our capability in sewer vent design, fabrication and installation…

… and our expertise in sewer vent and wastewater network solutions.

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About National Water Week

National Water Week is an annual initiative of The Australian Water Association, a network organisation that supports businesses with information and connection opportunities to drive positive change in water related issues, policy and advocacy.

Australian Water Week aims to motivate individuals, communities and organisations to build awareness around the value of water – and our responsibility to use water wisely and to protect our water environments.

The theme of this year’s event was Reimagining our Water Future. The focus was on potential innovative and sustainable solutions to support our water resources through population growth and environmental impact.

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Water and wastewater in regional Australia

Duncan Reynolds is SVSR’s head of research and development.

He observes that National Water Week also reminds us of a critical distinction in attitudes to water between the city and rural areas.

National Water Week isn’t a huge deal in Sydney at the moment,” he notes. “We have the luxury of a major dam back at capacity. You don’t have to go far from the east coast to see councils that still have severe water shortages and major restrictions in place.”

One of those councils is Armidale Regional Council, which – due to steady run-off into the region’s water supply and improved likelihood of above average rainfall during spring – recently eased back its water restrictions to Level 3. Armidale had been on Level 5 water restrictions since last October, the highest restriction level.

Working with regional councils

SVSR has longstanding experience with sewer vent networks. Our expertise is critical to support water and wastewater managers in regions most affected by water shortages. One way we do this is by providing advice to help councils manage their critical assets.

At the moment, Armidale Regional Council – and many other councils – have multi-year Sewer Main Relining projects in place,” explains Duncan. “Councils add plastic linings to the inside of the sewer reticulation networks to reduce the chance of corrosion and ensure pipes last longer. It also helps prevent leakages and run in from stormwater drains.”

SVSR supports council relining programs with advice and work on integrated sewer vents. In Armidale, we are inspecting, demolishing and installing new sewer vents. We provide end-to-end sewer vent solutions, including odour filters, plus vent shaft and vent cowl design and fabrication.

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New options for old sewer vents

Aging sewer vents pose a number of hidden risks, and SVSR recently collaborated with Armidale Regional Council to remove and seal a sewer vent located adjacent to a dam.

The vent shaft was situated on school property,” says Duncan. “At one stage land had been built up around the vent shaft, so where a typical shaft is 10 or 11 metres tall, this shaft had only about 6 or 7 metres exposed above ground level. Given its location, the soil was particularly damp and that was impacting on the state of the shaft, which was in danger of collapsing.”

SVSR liaised with Armidale Council on best steps to proceed. In most cases, we remove ageing vent shafts then custom design, fabricate and install a new vent shaft and vent cowl. There are some cases when replacement is not mandatory.

We discussed the implications of keeping or removing the shaft,” explains Duncan. “Given the damp environment, the biggest issue in this case was the risk of corrosion and collapse, so the council was happy for us to remove the shaft completely and seal the vent.”

Expert sewer vent solutions

Mark Byrne, Project Officer at Armidale Regional Council, was very happy with SVSR’s expertise, efficiency and professionalism.

They removed that one vent for us and capped it off, and also replaced three others. The team is excellent. They know their job inside and out, and they also deal with the public very well. We will definitely work with SVSR again.”

Just as we did in Armidale – and as we’ve done in regions including Weddin Shire, Snowy Valley and Orange – SVSR focuses on tailored sewer vent solutions to best protect wastewater infrastructure, and the needs of regional councils.

Please contact us for expert advice, and for the design, fabrication and installation of sewer vent shafts and cowls.



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