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Katherine Neale, Administration Assistant with SVSR, recently attended a leadership conference,‘Getting Culture Right: Insights from Real World Experience’, which looked at building constructive work cultures through effective leadership.

Here’s what she discovered:

Culture & Leadership

About the conference

‘Getting Culture Right: Insights from Real World Experience’ was the 21st Annual Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership.

Held in Sydney on 5 September, the conference addressed ideas around cultural change in the workplace, to clear up confusion about what it actually means – and dispel negative connotations.

And it did this by giving voice to leaders who have journeyed through workplace change… and flourished.

Speakers including David La Rose, Managing Director, IBM Australia and New Zealand, and Rod Fehring, CEO, Frasers Property Australia, who shared personal experiences, company stories and insights. They addressed how they have built constructive organisational cultures by focusing on quality leadership and how this has benefited company performance.

Defining workplace culture

Defining workplace culture

Most simply, workplace culture might be defined as the people and shared professional aims that make up any business.

The conference organisers provided their definition of wider (societal) culture, as Katherine explains.

An analogy they used was ‘catching waves’, as the ocean is always in motion. You can learn to flow with it or against it, but you can’t stop the movement. They defined culture as a shared space that can be beautiful or intimidating… and one that can be nurtured. And they observed that company culture includes your people, your customers, your stakeholders and your community.”

For Katherine, the conference provided thoughtful insights for use in and outside work. “It allowed me to draw on my past experiences, both at work and in life and to look at what creates a culture and how to change the culture when wanting to head in a different direction.”

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Staff inclusion for successful change

The speakers who shared their journeys talked through how they implemented change and the obstacles they met along the way. They overwhelmingly reinforced the need for effective long-term planning – and staff inclusion. Management plans for organisational change can impact employees in several ways, and it’s natural for people to feel uncertain.

That uncertainty can take the form of cautious patience, antagonism or even major anxiety. So, working directly with staff through change is pivotal.

“Many of the speakers spoke about transparency and shared vision,” says Katherine, “and they echoed the idea that every team can own their culture by having shared language and purpose, contributing to decisions, being recognised for milestones, feeling engaged and motivated, and being encouraged to believe in and be committed to the specific changes.

It’s key that management considers these impacts, understands staff behaviours and styles, and schedules the time to work through potential issues. If people are against the flow, then they may need extra coaching, training or support,” explains Katherine.

Team success at SVSR

Team success at SVSR

SVSR has monitored existing practices over the years, implemented new processes as required and now has a strong focused team that works incredibly well together.

“We have regular group discussions and we collectively understand the processes and vision for our long-term goals. Those discussions help us maintain focus, measure outcomes and review as a team where we can improve,” observes Katherine. And this directly leads to improved client service.

SVSR is a leader in sewer vent shaft design, fabrication and installation, thanks to innovative thinking… and our incredible team.

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