Custom induct vent cowl

Comdain Infrastructure manages large multi-million-dollar projects in the wastewater and water industries. When the induct vent cowls that they had always used for their projects were discontinued, they knew SVSR was the team for the job.

SVSR Custom Induct Vent Cowl

Off the market

In an area like the water industry, when a product is no longer available, it can be problematic. Designs rely on approved products… change the design and you can find yourself in a whole world of pain.

But for Giorgio, Project Engineer at Comdain Infrastructure, SVSR was the solution.

The product that we had been using was a small cast iron valve. We had been using the same product for 30-40 years and suddenly it was no longer available. SVSR came up with a stainless steel vent cowl that was easy to install and use.”

Necessary approvals

The SVSR design was a Dual Flap Ground Mounted MICA Flap. And the great thing for Giorgio in this process was that SVSR partnered with him to get the necessary approvals involved with a change of design.

They provided drawings, noise monitoring reports, wind speed monitoring reports and everything else required by Sydney Water to get approval.”

A Nifty little vent cowl

A nifty little vent cowl

It might be a small part, but considering that it plays a big part in removing the foul air from the sewer, it’s a vital one. Getting it right was essential.

This design can cover the range of vent line sizes and also be positioned at various heights depending on the RFL or flood plain requirements.

There are also different mounting options when connecting to the PVC vent line.

Giorgio has since used the vent cowls on a number of wastewater projects and couldn’t be happier with the result.

The vent cowl is suitable for a range of applications and demonstrates the innovative approach of SVSR to solving customer problems.

An Adaptable Team

An adaptable team

Giorgio has worked with the SVSR team for a number of years and he knows that they always do a good job.

The team is great… very responsive. If there is a problem, they fix it straight away without any complaints or issues. As Sydney Water requirements can change often, they will easily adapt to whatever they need, in order to get the job done.

They are experts in what they do in the manufacture and installation of stainless steel vent shafts and cowls.”




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