Sewer vent shafts… with style

Sewer vent shafts are not usually something you associate with style… but with the capability and experience amongst the SVSR team, nothing is ever out of the question. They just get the job done.

SVSR - The challenge

The challenge

Mick from National Rock Sawing was working on a block of apartments in Ryde.

Initially it was a fairly straightforward job of installing an upright sewer vent shaft through the building…

…until they discovered that the only place the vent shaft could run was mounted to the wall and up through the balcony of each apartment. The architect was not happy.

So, Mick engaged SVSR to design a solution that would minimise the visual impact of the large pipe that would now take a highly visible position on the exterior of the building.

Multiple parties at the table

Multiple parties at the table

But it wasn’t just the architect that needed to be okay with the design…

There is a standard for upright sewer vent shafts that has been approved by the Sydney Water code. It’s difficult to step outside of that. The architects, developers, engineers and Sydney Water all had a seat at the table to put in their ten cents to make the project work.”

The vent shaft had to support its own weight. It had to look like it blended seamlessly into the building. And it needed to meet the code.

Any of these requirements on their own complicate the job… combined, they presented a significant challenge.

Charting new ground

Charting new ground

Despite it being difficult to step outside of the approved Sydney Water code, that’s exactly what SVSR did.

The SVSR team design involved a seamless welded pipe with custom flanges to secure the pipe to the wall.

The brackets they designed were completely custom… nothing like it had been done before.

And they managed to keep all of the parties happy with the result. The architect was pleased that the vent shaft didn’t impinge on the aesthetics of the building.

Sydney Water received a complying asset that they approved.

And National Rock Sawing had a happy client.

The guys to get the job done

The guys to get the job done

Mick has been working with the SVSR team for more than 10 years… he didn’t think twice about getting them to work on this project because he knows they get the job done.

SVSR are our go-to guys when it comes to sewer vents. We’ve known them for a long time. We have an ongoing relationship because they are easy to work with.

Robin and Chris know their products… they are completely across the requirements of the Sydney Water code. Whenever we work with them, we just send them a set of plans and they come up with the design and then we book it in. It’s an easy process.

They’ve been around a long, long time and they know what they are doing. Nothing is too hard for them… they can work on jobs with very small vent shafts through to massive projects that require big footings and support bases. They are the people we go to when we need to get the job done.”


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