Collaborating with Diona for a better vent cowl solution

Vent Cowl Solution

SVSR has been providing end to end sewer vent shaft design, fabrication, installation and maintenance for decades – so our expertise is sound.

Our in-depth knowledge ensures we design quality sewer vent shafts and vent cowls tailored to specific client requirements – and that we continually provide expert and innovative solutions.

It’s expertise that Diona engineer, Joshua Maltese, called on last year for a project that would ultimately help win him a prestigious award from Sydney Water.

Here’s how we helped – and why it was a win not just for Joshua, but for collaboration and sewer vent innovation.

A winning approach

A winning approach

Joshua Maltese is a young Project Engineer from Diona, a Sydney-based firm specialising in utility infrastructure design and construction. In 2019 he was the recipient of the High Performer Award for Delivery Partners at the Sydney Water Delivery Management Quarterly Connections Awards.

The award recognised his work across multiple Sydney Water Delivery Management projects, including St Mary’s Central Precinct, Marsden Park and North Richmond – and the award organisers singled out his proactive approach and responsiveness to project issues.

One of those issues concerned existing vent cowl design, which is why he initially reached out to SVSR.

Connecting with SVSR

Connecting with SVSR

Joshua approached SVSR last year for a quotation for a sewer vent cowl once commonly used in sewer networks. While it’s a design frequently referenced by engineering designers, we recognised it as an older cowl design that is no longer manufactured.

To move the project forward, we proposed a replacement cowl design. Joshua presented it to Sydney Water and after a number of design interactions, we settled on the final design which we have subsequently fabricated. We are now manufacturing and selling these vent cowls as approved replacements.

“SVSR identified some issues with the design which I presented from Sydney Water. They were very proactive in identifying aspects that could be improved and from there we were able to compare and revise designs,” explains Joshua.

It’s this type of collaborative process that’s a win for innovative design solutions – and the wastewater collection industry.

Industry expertise

Industry expertise and superior service

SVSR is no stranger to Sydney Water projects. We’ve been servicing Sydney Water and local councils in Sydney, the Illawarra and Blue Mountains for decades. And we’re experts in regional and council sewer vent solutions from Orange to the Snowy Valleys.

Our highly skilled team members specialise in fabrication, delivery and installation of standard and tailored sewer vent shafts, vent cowls and odour filters. And we can assist with end to end project management including design, tendering, procurement and vent shaft removal.

With our commitment to research and development, we ensure we continually provide quality, innovative sewer vent solutions. “The SVSR team showed initiative in identifying problems and proposing amendments to improve the design,” adds Joshua. “It was a very positive experience.”

At SVSR, we pride ourselves on our leading sewer vent solutions, so if you have a vent shaft that needs replacing, or have a bespoke sewer vent or vent cowl requirement, contact us to discuss your project.

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