SVSR delivers customised vent cowls for oil industry

Man in a warehouse making a vent cowl

As a leader in sewer vent shaft design, fabrication and installation, SVSR knows vent shafts – and cowls – implicitly.

And while we are experts in the sewer industry, we can also manufacture for a range of other sectors… and deliver bespoke vent shafts and cowls.

We recently completed a vent cowl project for Viva Energy Australia’s Geelong Refinery.

Installed by Brockman Engineering in Melbourne, the project consisted of 149 galvanised cowls customised for use at the refinery.

SVSR Oil Refinery

About the project

Brockman Engineering is a longstanding supplier of bulk storage, piping, structural and mechanical engineering solutions for oil, gas and water companies.

They contacted SVSR last year with a request for 149 galvanised cowls intended for the Geelong Refinery.

Viva Energy’s Victorian oil refinery is one of only four refineries remaining in Australia. It supplies over 50% of Victoria’s and 10% of Australia’s fuel, distributed primarily through the Shell Coles Express Network. It also produces avgas (used in piston engine planes), bitumen, and solvents for mining, paint and adhesives.

“Brockman Engineering placed an order for the 149 cowls, and from start to delivery, it was a three-day production run,” says Millie Dobrosavljevic, a CAD operator and Fitter Machinist with SVSR who worked on the project.

SVSR Educt and induct vent cowls

Customised solutions

SVSR produces a range of market-leading educt and induct vent cowls in sizes ranging from DN150 – DN225/DN250 – DN300. We generally fit both induct and educt cowls with stainless-steel shafts and sealed stainless-steel bearings to diminish potential damage from highly corrosive sewer gases… and minimise ongoing maintenance costs.

Millie explains that like several other SVSR projects, this one required a bespoke solution. “A typical vent shaft cowl for the sewer industry will fit a 150mm pipe and be made of stainless steel, but if a client needs something specific, we can create it. For this project, we fabricated the cowls out of galvanised mild steel and to a slightly smaller diameter.”

Millie adds that this sort of cowl is typically used to provide adequate ventilation. “The client would likely use it to vent gases from a tank, and to keep out birds, leaves or debris.”

SVSR A sewer vent shaft specialist

Flexible SVSR Services

SVSR has been a sewer vent shaft specialist for over two decades, working on Sydney Water projects and designing and fabricating vent shafts, vent cowls and odour filters.

We service multiple states and regional councils including Orange, Snowy Valley and Weddin Shire. And we have a strong focus on research and development for innovative sewer vent solutions.

With flexibility and robust capability ranging from site inspection to prototyping, design, fabrication and installation, we’re ideally positioned to work across various industry sectors… and produce quality manufacturing solutions just as we’ve done for Geelong Refinery.

If you have a special vent shaft or cowl project in mind, contact us for a customised and quality solution.


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