SVSR innovation future-proofing sewer vent design

While long-standing experience and a commitment to quality are at the core of all of our sewer vent solutions, SVSR has remained a leader in sewer vent shaft design, fabrication and installation, thanks to ongoing innovation.

Most recently, we developed a concept drawing for an efficient sewer vent solution for Quinn Civil Pty Ltd, as part of a City West Water project in Melbourne.

It incorporated an innovative valve design that ensures the sewer vent is future-proofed for changes including the addition of an odour filter unit.

Stainless vent shafts in the warehouse

Quinn Civil Pty Ltd provides construction, remediation and the replacement of water and wastewater infrastructure throughout Victoria.

“We’re a civil contractor for water authority work including water, sewerage and drainage,” explains Casey Whitfield, a Project Manager with the company. “For this project, we installed an end-to-end solution for City West Water in a new sewer pump station, that included design through procurement and construction.”

As part of the project, Casey called on SVSR for the design and fabrication of a sewer vent. “City West Water provided us with a concept design, and SVSR took that concept and created a finalised design, shop drawings for manufacture, and fabrication.”

Steel vent shaft at the warehouse

A winning design

As Casey explains, one of the benefits of the SVSR design was the inclusion of a unique butterfly valve. “That is certainly a new design, and it enables City West Water to install an added odour control unit in the future. While they didn’t require it at the moment, the design effectively future-proofs for additional flows and venting requirements.”

Robin Adams, SVSR General Manager, explains that the fundamental principle of a sewer vent shaft is to provide ventilation and prevent pressure building within the system. Additionally, vent shafts may function as an exit for gases, especially noxious gases.

“For that reason, some organisations prefer to incorporate an odour control unit, which is generally an activated charcoal filter,” he says. 

“A sewer system is extremely complex, and it is hard to predict which gases might pose an issue. In this case, the client wanted a Plan B, which was to allow for the potential addition of an odour filter if they require it in the future.”

Men at work helping each other

Leading team and industry expertise

Another benefit for Quinn Civil was access to an industry-leading team with expertise across diverse sewer vent solutions.

“We found the SVSR team was excellent in terms of knowledge of the requirement of authorities,” says Casey. “They are also very good at both facilitating the design and at manufacture, and having that end-to-end service means we don’t need to outsource.”

SVSR has already implemented similar sewer vent solutions across NSW. 

“We found there was a lot of interest in the City West Water project, and many customers are after the same sort of solution. We’ve already installed other sewer vents that are slightly different designs, but the same concept,” says Robin.

The SVSR team members look forward to working with Quinn Civil and with regional councils throughout NSW and Victoria on future projects.

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