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Managing Director

Kylie Ridding was young when her father, Len Reynolds, founded his business.

While she knew some parts of the business, it’s safe to say that she didn’t take an active interest in poo pipes…

She went on to study social work, following in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps to set herself up as a sole trader, offering health related services within social work.

And then her dad retired… so in 2011 Kylie was called to take the reins of the family business with her brothers.

“Dad always wanted a legacy; this keeps his legacy now that he has passed away. I operate from a position of stewardship.  I have a responsibility to protect and a mandate to take the business in a new direction.”

Kylie is passionate about the people who work for SVSR; proud of the fact that it is the people, not the profits of the business, that drive her forward every day.

“I want to create systems that work more efficiently and remove the potential frustrations that our staff need to work around. As a business, our culture has been very family oriented and I want to continue that. The business is a family for a lot of our staff. Our workers are family to each other.”

In her time as Managing Director, Kylie has been writing the next chapter of the SVSR story. For her that is about building on the already solid foundation and reputation of SVSR, growing their adaptive capacity to lead the charge in responding to industry changes.

“I am focused on reskilling our team to meet the challenges of the future. We will have new types of customers and products and services in the future… and we will be ready to embrace those changes. As a team and a business, we are empowered and equipped to collectively fulfil our potential for future growth.”

Inspired by Christian values, Kylie balances financial, community and environmental needs. Kylie is a single mum of a teenage girl who wants to be a landscape photographer when she finishes school. Kylie loves to be on the water… when her dad was unwell she became captain of his fishing trawler and was responsible for running the vessel.

Aside from singing in church, outdoor adventure sports are Kylie’s thing – enjoying nature and being adventurous… canyoning, hiking, abseiling, mountain climbing, snow skiing, bike riding… in fact when she was younger Kylie would often go on long distance charity rides – one saw her ride from Sydney to the Gold Coast.

News & Projects

A Detailed and Safe Sewer Vent Installation for Sydney Metro

SVSR has long provided first-class sewer vent shaft design, installation and removal for regional councils, Sydney Water and larger government bodies. Most recently we installed a quality sewer vent in Chatswood for the Sydney Metro project. Whilst the installation was seamless and stress-free, the preparation itself was decidedly longer… and a clear illustration of why attention to detail, safety expertise and collaborative negotiation are sometimes at the core of quality sewer vent installation.

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An Outstanding Apprentice for SVSR

SVSR has longstanding experience in sewer vent shaft design, fabrication and installation, and one way we maintain superior solutions is with a commitment to training and development. In 2019, we decided to join the School-based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SBAT) program. And we’re delighted to have since welcomed our first SBAT apprentice, Washington Nshimirimana.

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Collaborating with Diona for a Better Vent Cowl Solution

SVSR has been providing end to end sewer vent shaft design, fabrication, installation and maintenance for decades – so our expertise is sound. Our in-depth knowledge ensures we design quality sewer vent shafts and vent cowls – and continually provide expert and innovative solutions. It’s expertise that Diona engineer, Joshua Maltese, called on last year for a project that would ultimately help win him a prestigious award from Sydney Water.

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