Manny Vukoman

SVSR Group - Manny Vukoman

Crane Operator and Supervisor

Manny Vukoman has been with SVSR almost since the beginning. He recalls attending an interview with Len on a Saturday after responding to an ad in the paper… he started two days later and has been here ever since.

In more than two decades, Manny has seen the industry evolve from the use of ladders and harnesses to the modern cranes and advanced equipment we use today.

But that means that Manny is adept at finding solutions to complete any job – big or small.

“On certain sites you can’t get a crane in to do the job. In those cases, we are still able to do it the old way because we are experienced and know how to do it safely.”

Aside from welding, Manny is across the entire design, fabrication and installation process.

“I prepare jobs to go on site – I make sure we have everything we need and organise the guys on the floor to do what needs to be done. I visit sites to inspect, measure and determine how we will approach the job. I work with the foreman and ensure I am across all the briefings and site inductions. I like the work I do. Most of the time you are on different job sites meeting different people. We also do a lot of country work – it’s all very interesting.”

Manny started his career by taking up a welding apprenticeship – which he soon realised wasn’t for him. He went on to become a butcher before moving to Australia and getting a job at Ansett. After the Ansett collapse, he came to work at SVSR and here we are 20+ years later.

“SVSR is an easy-going family company. We all know each other well and have respect for each other. Everybody has a role – we all get the job done.”

As a father of four and a grandfather of two, Manny has his hands full outside of work. He does love to watch the rugby and soccer on TV and go bike-riding with his younger kids.

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