A novel SVSR solution for Orange City Council

Orange City Council

With longstanding expertise for councils and asset managers across NSW, SVSR provides comprehensive sewer vent shaft solutions, including design, fabrication, installation… and demolition. And this is what we’ve recently been working on for Orange City Council.

Duncan Reynolds, Head of Research & Development at SVSR, acknowledges that sewer vent removal without replacement is sometimes an option.

“It’s certainly not common, but there may be situations where a damaged or degraded vent shaft doesn’t need to go back up. And we have a skilled team of sewer vents specialists and crane operators – plus the cranes – to oversee every project from inspection through demolition and removal.”

A project for Orange

Andrew Wright from Orange City Council explains that they have used SVSR services for the past five years.

“SVSR has been replacing or removing concrete and steel vents shafts for Orange City Council. Council replaces vents based on age and condition through our asset register, and approximately ten vents are completed every year.”

Among those inspected, some have been permanently removed. “Most councils replace rather than remove sewer vent shafts,” explains Duncan, “but there may be times when it’s not a bad idea. It’s a case by case basis and not every sewer vent in the ground needs to be replaced when it fails.

Sewer networks were created a long time ago. It may be that the network has subsequently changed shape or been redirected, or it may have moved due to property development. In those cases, permanent removal is a service we offer.”

Replacing sewer vent shafts

Sewer vent cowls and shafts play a key role in wastewater networks by providing adequate ventilation. Without this ventilation, toxic gases can develop in sewer pipelines which form corrosive sulphuric acid. Outcomes range from minor leaks and blockages to extensive damage across the entire sewer system if left undetected.

As many sewer vents in Australia date from the early 19th century, structural failure is common. And given the narrow design of sewer vents, internal inspection is impossible.

With no visible signs, internal damage such as severe rust may lie hidden from view for years… if not decades.

While sewer vent and vent cowl replacement is standard for most SVSR clients, there are instances when removal without replacement is warranted.

Best cranes

Best team, best cranes

SVSR knows sewer vents – and we have the best people and equipment for demolition and removal. We have highly skilled crane operators who know the industry and a small but agile crane fleet with specialist small cranes that can access sites that many others can’t. Our flexible crane solutions range from high-rise construction projects to lifting for residential properties and in natural terrain.

“We find that many councils, especially in rural areas, can’t always access the right cranes for the job,” says Duncan. “We’ve accessed areas for instance that with other cranes would involve lifting over power lines and having to request power shutdown. Having the right equipment has a clear advantage.”

SVSR project management extends from site preparation to demolition and clean up. “Sometimes we may need to clear the area first,” advises Duncan. “We recently conducted demolition work in Grenfell for instance where we found a lot of vegetation had grown over a vent shaft.”

Sewer solutions

Sewer solutions

Andrew has been very happy with the SVSR service. “Over the five years we have been working with them, we have had no complaints from residents, all communication is good, and staff are well trained to carry out the work. Some vents have been in tricky spots, but work is always completed safely, on time and on budget.”

SVSR maintains sewer vents for Sydney Water and local councils around the state. We can inspect, advise and provide custom design and fabrication of sewer vents, educt and induct vent cowls and odour filters to ensure the best option for any site.

Contact us for full project management including sewer vent inspection, removal, replacement – and crane hire.


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