SVSR Attends Ozwater 2019 – And Why We’ll Be There in 2020

SVSR attends Ozwater 2019

SVSR is the leader in innovative and efficient sewer vent shaft design, fabrication and installation.

And one way we stay at the forefront is by regular attendance at national conferences, including Ozwater, the Australian Water Association’s long-standing annual event.

According to Robin Adams, SVSR General Manager, one of the major benefits of industry conferences is seeing and comparing cutting-edge industry developments. “At conferences like this we can get a look at other industry organisations, see what’s happening and understand new and developing trends across the water industry.”

Ozwater is an important event for the water industry – and the information gathering and networking that comes with regular attendance helps SVSR deliver superior sewer vent shaft innovation.

About Ozwater

About Ozwater

Ozwater is Australia’s annual water conference and trade exhibition.

It’s the largest water exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere – that this year attracted close to 5,000 participants.

Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre over three days in May, it featured nine keynote speakers and over 200 presentations, workshops and panels, plus a pre-conference Young Water Professional program.

It also had a strong international presence, with over 400 international delegates. And that brings plenty of opportunities for local participants like SVSR in terms of information and ideas exchange.

Sewer Vents and the Internet of Things

Sewer Vents and the Internet of Things

For Robin, the biggest takeaway this year is the influence of Big Data and the Internet of Things, or Industry 4.0.

Also called The Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s about digitisation or the integration of new technologies into existing machinery and infrastructure.

And it’s something that’s impacting every industry globally.

“Traditional water related technology was still there,” says Robin, “but the majority of presentations had connection with Big Data and/or the Internet of Things. And there’s an increasing focus on a holistic approach to water, especially around sustainability and the environment.”

And technology and sustainability are both at the forefront of SVSR research as we look to the future.

SVSR and sustainable solutions

SVSR and sustainable solutions

SVSR has a dedicated research and development (R&D) program, which Duncan Reynolds, Research and Development Manager for SVSR, sees as crucial for the growth of our company… and the wastewater collection industry. “The market is changing, with new products and new processes. We need to do things differently – and better – if we want to remain a leader and move with technological change.”

To that end, our sustainable odour control project is about looking for new, more efficient and more sustainable alternatives to traditional vent shafts, odour filters and vent cowl design. And we’re looking to develop Australian-made materials and designs which can either stand alone or be retro-fitted to existing wastewater infrastructure.

“Ozwater is important to help us find the international industry representatives with technology that may be of use to us,” explains Robin, “and it also gives us the chance to meet existing and potential customers and discuss our products and projects.”

Hard work and commitment

Into the future

As a second-generation family business, SVSR understands hard work and commitment. So, we know what it takes to get the job done and do it incredibly well. It’s about quality, responsiveness, a highly-skilled team and the knowledge that comes with decades of experience.

We deliver leading sewer vent shaft solutions, and we’ll continue to deliver with innovative, sustainable options into the future. And that’s why we’ll also be a regular attendee at Ozwater 2020 in Adelaide, and other industry events.

As Robin explains, “It’s important that we continue to attend these events in order to stay in touch with our customers and stay on top of future directions and development.” And that will help SVSR deliver sustainable and innovative wastewater and sewer vent solutions.

If you are interested in sustainable and long-term sewer vent shaft solutions, contact us.


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