Patricia Dakanalis

SVSR Group - Patricia Daknalis

Administration Manager

Patricia Dakanalis is your go-to for anything admin at SVSR.

Payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable, bookkeeping, HR, recruitment, invoicing… she has an overview of the whole business.

And she has an ability to pick up details that others don’t. She calls it intuition but it’s also a very high attention to detail.

Patricia joined SVSR in 2013 and is now like part of the furniture.

“Because I’ve been here for so long, I feel that I am part of the company. If I don’t feel like I have a vested interest I can’t do my job… I have to feel connected. It gives me pride to know that I’ve done my job well. I like to see everything running smoothly and know that I’ve played a part in that.”

Prior to joining SVSR, Patricia was a stay-at-home mum running an eBay business on the side.

She also did the bookkeeping for her husband’s business… and it was that experience that led her to the job she is doing today.

“I didn’t want to go back to the travel industry that I had worked in before having kids, because it was so inflexible. I found that bookkeeping offered more flexible hours when the kids went to school. After I had tidied up my husband’s accounts I decided to see if I could find a job in the industry.”

Patricia is mum to two teenage boys who are fairly self-sufficient… as long as there is food in the house. Whenever she has time left over after work and spending time with her family she likes to work out or go for a walk on the treadmill. If she can drag her family out for the day, a hike along the Grand Canyon track in the Blue Mountains is an ideal way for her to spend a day.

News & Projects

A Detailed and Safe Sewer Vent Installation for Sydney Metro

SVSR has long provided first-class sewer vent shaft design, installation and removal for regional councils, Sydney Water and larger government bodies. Most recently we installed a quality sewer vent in Chatswood for the Sydney Metro project. Whilst the installation was seamless and stress-free, the preparation itself was decidedly longer… and a clear illustration of why attention to detail, safety expertise and collaborative negotiation are sometimes at the core of quality sewer vent installation.

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An Outstanding Apprentice for SVSR

SVSR has longstanding experience in sewer vent shaft design, fabrication and installation, and one way we maintain superior solutions is with a commitment to training and development. In 2019, we decided to join the School-based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SBAT) program. And we’re delighted to have since welcomed our first SBAT apprentice, Washington Nshimirimana.

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Collaborating with Diona for a Better Vent Cowl Solution

SVSR has been providing end to end sewer vent shaft design, fabrication, installation and maintenance for decades – so our expertise is sound. Our in-depth knowledge ensures we design quality sewer vent shafts and vent cowls – and continually provide expert and innovative solutions. It’s expertise that Diona engineer, Joshua Maltese, called on last year for a project that would ultimately help win him a prestigious award from Sydney Water.

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