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Many existing council ventilation shafts are now in excess of 60 years old and present an urgent safety risk to people and property. Concrete cancer and sewer gases attack the vent shaft and expose the reinforced steel bars, making concrete vent shafts susceptible to lightning strikes, collapse and the risk of causing serious injury.

Vent shaft replacement is the best option for public safety, with no ongoing maintenance costs.

We specialise in:

  1. Removal, disposal and replacement of aging and deteriorating vent shafts for regional councils and water agencies
  2. Difficult vent shaft access e.g. residents’ backyards, working near roadways, overhead power lines and underground services
  3. Detailed design advice, odour/gas assessment and condition assessment of existing vent shafts, helping you plan your maintenance budget.


We project manage every detail for a safe, speedy and successful sewer vent solution.

Interested stakeholders

Community relations

Since the majority of vent shafts are located on private property and in residents’ front and backyards, our first priority is to communicate with property owners.

We liaise with other interested stakeholders including neighbours, local councils, government organisations, developers and private businesses.

Where the work has a high impact on the wider community, we assign a site-specific Contractor Community Liaison Plan.


Regional and council sewer vent shaft designs

Post Vent Shafts

Post vent shafts
Post vent shafts are the most cost-effective solution for low to medium density catchment areas.

Available sizes are 150, 225 or 300mm in diameter with a maximum height of 9 metres.
Drawings Plan
EPS 700.07

Guy Wire Vent Shafts

Guy-wire vent shafts
Our guy-wire vent shafts can be manufactured from either 316 or 304 grade stainless steel and available heights range from 10m to 18m.

Sydney Water Drawing Nos.
EPS 700.01
EPS 700.02
EPS 700.03
EPS 700.04
EPS 700.05
EPS 700.06

Hunter Water tapered vent

SEW-1408 / SCP 1003 Vent Shaft

Our SEW-1408 / SCP 1003 is a galvanised mild steel vent stack to meet Hunter Water requirements.

Drawings Plan
SEW 1408

Standard vent shaft design

Custom design vent shafts
Our team is experienced and knowledgeable… and able to apply that experience and knowledge to create custom vent shaft designs.

We can work with you within your requirement to council or regional water authority compliance standards.

To learn more about how we can fulfil your regional and council project requirements, contact us to speak to one of our team members.

News & Projects

SVSR continues long-term Sydney Water relationship as official sewer vent supplier

As you may have heard, Sydney Water recently introduced a new model for the delivery of sewer vents and other services across the greater Sydney region. Having now passed the rigid registration process to be endorsed as an official supplier under the new model, SVSR is set to continue our long-standing relationship with Sydney Water, providing our first-class sewer vents and vent cowls.

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Meet SVSR’s new General Manager, Tony Jankovic

SVSR is delighted to introduce our new General Manager, Tony Jankovic, an exceptional manufacturing professional with over 25 years’ experience across the building, infrastructure and architectural sectors. Tony has led several multinational and national companies and he looks forward to building on our niche capability – and moving SVSR in exciting new directions.

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SVSR showcases innovative Odour Control Unit Diverter

As an expert across sewer vent design, fabrication and installation, SVSR is always looking for new ways to improve our services. We’ve made R&D a focus in recent years, with research into sustainable odour control and the introduction of new sewer vent features including a unique valve control. And our latest innovation is The Odour Control Unit Diverter – a design with immediate and long-term benefits.

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