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General Manager

Robin Adams has had a diverse career that led him to the role of General Manager of SVSR in 2015.

He started out in radio and television, working in audio production, before moving to the computer industry where he spent many years.

He has also worked as a sailing instructor and has run his own publishing business.

These days he keeps things humming along nicely at SVSR. If there are customers to quote, he does it. If there are schedules to be fine-tuned, Robin is the guy. If there are processes to improve in the business, Robin is all over it.

And Robin isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. If there are trucks that need a driver or an extra pair of hands is required on site, Robin jumps in to help the team. That’s the culture he is driving at SVSR.

“They are a great team with a lot of experience so we can find an answer to any challenge. As a company we are doing more things than we ever used to. We have diversified our skill set and investment in the tools and equipment we need to get the job done. A few years ago, we had a particular task that would take two guys two and a half hours to do. We invested $2500 in a piece of equipment and now one guy can get the job done in an hour. Previously, the culture here was to simply make do with what we have but now we recognise that those investments really pay off for us and our customers.”

Robin is currently working on implementing a new IT system for SVSR to help manage quotes, scheduling and accounts. It’s a big job but he knows that it will bring results.

His approach of just getting on with the job probably stems from his childhood spent on a farm in New Zealand.

“I was raised in an environment where you fixed things when they broke. And you worked – even as a kid. I was driving a tractor when I was very young. When I came home from school there were jobs to do – that’s just the way it was. It’s only in my latter years that I have come to appreciate how much those early years really benefited me as a person.”

Robin has four children and one grandchild that keep him fairly busy outside of work. He heads out sailing on his 28ft Cavalier yacht as often as he can and also enjoys the theatre. Unfortunately, work gets in the way of him travelling as much as he would like.

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