Sewer vent shaft removal, supply and installation for Wingecarribee Council

Sewer ven shaft installation

SVSR specialises in comprehensive sewer vent solutions, including the safe removal of ageing sewer vent shafts and the fabrication, supply and installation of sewer vents, vent shaft cowls and odour filters.

We’ve been working with Wingecarribee Council for close to ten years, removing and replacing several concrete sewer vents that were up to 60 years old.

Roger Moore, Reticulation Supervisor at Wingecarribee Council, has found the service of a consistently high standard.

It’s a very professional team at SVSR. The service is good, the jobs are well planned and they know exactly what they need to do. We’ve got a good working relationship with SVSR and we are certainly looking to continue it into the future.”

new stainless steel guy wire vent shafts

Sewer vent shaft replacement

Given that ageing sewer vent shafts are often susceptible to lightning strikes and/or collapse, they often pose a danger to people and property if left in situ.

SVSR frequently removes and replaces degraded concrete shafts as a safety priority. For Wingecarribee Council, the team replaced the degraded concrete versions with new stainless steel guy wire vent shafts.

We’ve engaged SVSR to fabricate and install several sewer vents shafts,” Roger explains. “The team installed a new vent shaft at one of our sewer stations, which was directly contented to a wet well. They’ve installed a new stainless steel shaft at Chevalier College in Burridoo and a couple in Moss Vale that posed a potential risk of collapse and harm. They needed to access both of those via neighbouring properties and replace the degraded concrete with a stainless steel shaft.”

Two men specialises in complete sewer ventilation services

Odour filter solutions

SVSR specialises in complete sewer ventilation services, and we may recommend replacing an existing sewer vent shaft with an odour filter unit, as we also did for Wingecarribee Council.

SVSR advised they would engage a 130-ton crane to remove an existing 14-metre concrete vent stack and replace it with an odour control unit,” explains Roger. “We went with that option primarily because of the difficult location on a busy road.”

Arthur Togias, SVSR Business and Development Manager, explains that the solution was a ground mount odour filter.

Generally, local councils choose to replace ageing concrete shafts with a new, high-performance stainless steel version. There can be times when a council will opt for a ground mount odour filter, which works in a similar way. We generally build a cage or box around it to prevent vandalism, and we replace the carbon filter annually.”

Three men installing sewer vent shaft

Outstanding client solutions

Roger has been with Wingecarribee Council for two years. During that time he’s been in regular contact with Arthur and Duncan Reynolds, SVSR Head of Research and Development.

The service with SVSR is always really good. The prices are competitive, and based on that and experience, they win each contract hands down. As far as council is concerned, it’s an economical and efficient way to replace our older vent shafts.

The communication is also very prompt,” adds Roger. “I always have a response within one or two hours, faster if it’s directly following a conversation.”

Given the service and products are both of a high standard, Wingecarribee Council will continue to use SVSR for sewer vent shaft and odour filter services. SVSR is the go-to for Sydney Water and regional council projects, thanks to our long-standing expertise, reliability and knowledge across water authority requirements.

To discuss your next Sydney Water, regional council or commercial project, please contact us.

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