Sewer vents

SVSR designs and fabricates high quality sewer vents for Sydney Water, regional councils, engineering projects, pump stations and major commercial clients. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we’re the experts in high quality, cost effective and compliant sewer vent solutions.

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Sewer vent shafts

Many existing sewer vents are now in excess of 80 years old. They present a safety risk to people and property.

We fabricate new sewer vent shafts to specification and assess existing drawings to ensure they are fit for purpose. We have full CAD facilities and a specialist in-house team for any design modifications.

With decades of experience in wastewater infrastructure, we’re skilled and adaptable. We manufacture vent shafts to specification and develop innovative sewer vent solutions for unique and challenging sites.

High quality and compliant fabrication

We fabricate our vent shafts in high-grade stainless steel for durability and minimal ongoing maintenance costs.

We can add sewer vent cowls, including rotating educt vent cowls, induct cowls or custom-designed cowls for added efficiency.

We provide specialist sewer vent shaft designs that allow for the addition of odour control units in the future.

Sewer vent shaft designs

The following are Sydney Water approved designs (plus three prior designs no longer in use):


Guy wire sewer vents

Guy wire sewer vents are the most type common in use.

Sizes are DN 150, 225 & 300 and heights range from 14 to 18m.

Note: showing matt finish stainless steel vent shaft next to a light pole.



DTC 9-18m post sewer vent

A free-standing structure. Sizes are DN 150, 225 and 300 with a height between 9 and 14 metres.

Note: showing painted sewer vent shaft to suit local environment requirement.


Post sewer vent

A free-standing structure. Sizes are DN 150, 225 and 300 with a maximum height of 9m.

May be installed only where the catchment being vented is less than 80-100 houses.

Unsuitable in the vicinity of multi-storey buildings (wall vent preferred in such situations).


Wall sewer vent

Wall sewer vents are attached to a building and may be enclosed inside the building under certain circumstances.

Vent may only be attached to a solid wall i.e. double brick or concrete, not clad timber frame.

Preference is for the sewer vent tube not to be enclosed inside a wall cavity.

Sizes are DN 150, 225 and 300.


Fibreglass sewer vent

A freestanding structure used in aggressive conditions e.g. coastal areas (salt-laden sea breezes).

Sizes range from DN 150 to DN 400 and heights from 13 to 16m.


Special sewer vent

Any sewer vent larger than DN 300 is considered a special type and requires separate design consideration.


Cast iron column sewer vent (legacy)

CI vents are no longer being installed but are maintained in heritage areas such as Paddington by the use of an adaptor plate to use a stainless steel tube.


Tapered sewer vent (legacy)

Tapered sewer vent shafts are no longer being installed or maintained due to corrosion of the galvanised mild steel tube resulting in unpredictable catastrophes.


Concrete sewer vent (legacy)

Concrete sewer vents are normally inherited from council sewerage schemes. They are prone to concrete cancer and are not maintained but are replaced when required with either a post or guy wire vent.

The SVSR team will discuss all requirements and work with you to provide the ideal design for your project. Please contact us to find out more.

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