Superior sewer vent solutions for Snowy Valley Council

SVSR has been servicing councils around NSW for decades with end to end project management that includes sewer vent shaft design, fabrication, installation, maintenance – and removal.

Our services are flexible and responsive. And that’s just what Snowy Valley Council needed recently for an emergency sewer vent removal.

David Sam, Utilities Works Coordinator at Snowy Valley Council is impressed with SVSR’s quality…

…and project coordination.

“I contacted SVSR on Tuesday, they came to assess the site on Thursday, and we had it all planned to knock down on Monday morning.

They’re a very good company, and I was really impressed with the whole job.”

Project management solutions

Fast response in Tumut

The Snowy Valley Council project involved the removal of a sewer vent in Tumut – required urgently in order for construction works to proceed.

“It was a sewer vent shaft located in the back of one of the main car parks in Tumut, and right behind the Montreal Community Theatre,” explains David.

“It was an emergency job. We needed the vent shaft brought down very quickly so that the sewer main could be moved during construction of a new toilet block for the theatre.”

The SVSR team assessed the site and sewer vent shaft, planned the removal in detail and executed the project to plan… expertly and efficiently.

Servicing the Snowy Valley

Standard vent shaft design

SVSR is fast response, but it also doesn’t compromise on quality. And David Sam is a regular SVSR client, so was expecting the project to go smoothly.

“I’ve been dealing with SVSR for about six years,” he says.

“A previous member of the Snowy Valley Council had contracted Duncan Reynolds to do a condition report. From there, SVSR has provided full maintenance services for our sewer network.

They came and did a full assessment of every sewer shaft. We’ve created a works program for the removal of aging vent shafts, and we’ve been working through them. SVSR comes out to knock down and replace the sewer vents with newer models.”

Snowy Valley Council Project

All-round expertise

Duncan Reynolds is Head of Research & Development at SVSR and an expert on sewer vent shaft – and vent cowl – design and maintenance. He is also leading SVSR research into more sustainable sewer vent shaft solutions.

Like Duncan, the SVSR team is equipped with expert knowledge, full capability and many years of experience.

And it’s this expertise that helps ensure quality solutions on any sized project.

“They guys on the ground are great,” agrees David. “The whole team is always very helpful. Duncan knows what we expect, and he delivers. SVSR has managed projects for us all over the shire – in schools, private yards and in public areas – and we’ve never had any issues whatsoever.”

Sewer Vent Solutions

Comprehensive, quality sewer vent solutions

Long-standing experience, outstanding capability and solid project management help SVSR provide exceptional sewer vent shaft solutions.

We can design and fabricate new shafts and vent cowls, remove existing shafts and maintain sewer vent networks.

And we can provide fast response emergency vent shaft removal and replacement.

Contact us for emergency removal, or for comprehensive, flexible and superior sewer vent solutions.


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