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We are Australia’s leading sewer vent shaft design, fabrication and installation company. Our difference is that we offer a complete end-to-end process. We have a reputation for navigating site and project challenges to find practical, workable solutions… and given our decades of experience, you can trust that we will get the job done.

  • R&D

    We are committed to innovation and collaborating with the industry in sewer vent shaft and cowl design, fabrication and installation. We do this by:

    • Increasing spending on research and development
    • Collaborating with research institutions and research partners
    • Offering student internships in relevant skill areas
    • Upgrading equipment
    • Improving inventory management and operational processes
    • Building innovative industry-based partnerships through our membership of the Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network and Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre.

    Our R&D process has resulted in the design of market leading vent shaft cowls.

  • Design

    Show us any plan and we will know the best design to suit the job. It’s called experience. Decades of it. We can meet you on site to scope the project – whatever it takes to give you the end result you need – a quality job, delivered on time, that meets the water authority compliance standards.

    We provide detailed design advice, odour/gas assessment and condition assessment of existing vent shafts, helping you plan your maintenance budget.

  • Fabrication

    Our fabrication process ensures the highest quality because we oversee every step of the process. We’ve been doing this for more than 25 years and there is nothing we haven’t seen.

    The knowledge and experience of our team ensure that we are using the best materials and welds for the job.

    Our process ensures maximum asset life and minimal on-going maintenance costs.
    And because of our local manufacturing, the job is done faster and more efficiently.

    Our fabrication process includes:

    • Material certificates for all components
    • NATA qualified testing as required by the water authority
    • Compliance with Sydney Water bead blasting finishing standards
    • When requested, compliant WSA201 process for preparing, priming and painting assets
    • A selection of multiple colours on request
    • Continual upgrading of machinery, tools and processes

    One of the many benefits of our local manufacturing is that we always have a buffer of critical components in stock.

    We know that you’re facing time and budget pressures in your project so we are flexible and responsive to get you what you need, when you need it.

  • Installation and Project Management

    Every site brings new challenges and we have the experience and know-how to implement practical solutions. Compliance and safety are our top priorities.

    “Given the hazardous nature of the job, I was very pleased your team took their WH&S responsibilities very seriously and carried out their work accordingly. They did a superb job in a difficult work environment, to a level beyond what I expected. I was thoroughly impressed with their initiative and goodwill.”
    Paul MacDonald, Manager Waste & Recycling Services, Campbelltown City Council

    Our team is experienced and licensed in the installation, removal and relocation of sewer vent shafts. We are across Sydney and regional council and water agency requirements.

    Our installation services include:

    Installation of new vent shafts
    For urban development projects or “Greenfields” estates we partner with you on the design, fabrication and installation of new or existing vent shafts. We have been in this industry for decades… and we have seen the landscape transform. This is our core business… and our standards are second to none!

    Renewal of existing vent shafts
    This is a cost effective option over the long-term for infrastructure and asset owners due to the minimal ongoing maintenance required. We have demolished and replaced thousands of vent shafts across NSW for councils, Sydney Water and other water agencies throughout Australia.

    Demolition and relocation of vent shafts to a new site
    An important part of the development process is relocating existing infrastructure or establishing a temporary installation of a sewer vent shaft. SVSR can advise on asset location requirements, carry out project coordination as well as conduct on-site works to ensure important assets are protected whilst meeting community, water agency and developer requirements.

    Project management
    We can provide project management solutions for the installation of complete end-to-end designs. We work collaboratively alongside major manufacturers and Sydney Water major constructors for the smooth installation of odour control units.

    More than just the experience, we also have the tools to get the job done. Our mobile workshop is fully-equipped to handle any challenges a site throws at us… and our fleet of cranes allow safe delivery and installation of shafts.

    Our fleet includes:

    • 4 tonne Maeda Mobile Crawler Crane (SWL 3.8 tonne)
    • 3 tonne Maeda Mobile Crawler Crane (SWL 2.9 tonne)
    • Isuzu delivery truck with 8m wheel-base
    • Isuzu work truck (13 tonne GVM) with Hiab fitted

    “When contracting other companies, it can be a struggle having to oversee their work, however, SVSR gets the job done without question.”
    Adrian Rodriguez, Suir Excavations

Case Studies


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We deliver to the standard and quality we do because of the capability and expertise in our team. Learn more about our capability here.


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