Sydney Water Projects

Our business started with Sydney Water projects… and more than two decades later we are still supplying and installing sewer vent shafts for Sydney Water accredited major and minor works constructors throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains.

We specialise in the fabrication, delivery and installation of vent shafts to any job site. Our highly skilled team can also assist with project design, tendering and procurement as well as with the completion of pre-works safety, environmental and quality assurance documentation.

You can view the Sydney Water fact sheet regarding ventilation shafts here.

Sydney Water vent shaft designs

Deemed to Comply vent shaft

Deemed to Comply (DTC) vent shaft
We use 316 grade stainless steel to manufacture our DTC vent shafts. They have a design life of 50-60 years even in the most extreme corrosive environments.

We offer standard sizes of DN150, DN225, DN300 and custom sizes including DN400 and DN450.

Sydney Water Drawing Nos.

Guy Wire Vent Shafts

Guy-wire vent shaft
Our guy-wire vent shafts can be manufactured from either 316 or 304 grade stainless steel and available heights range from 10m to 18m.

Sydney Water Drawing Nos.
EPS 700.01
EPS 700.02
EPS 700.03
EPS 700.04
EPS 700.05
EPS 700.06

Post Vent Shafts

Post vent shaft
Post vent shafts are freestanding structures. Available sizes are 150, 225 or 300mm in diameter with a maximum height of 9 metres.

Sydney Water Drawing Nos.
EPS 700.07

A wall-mounted vent shaft

Wall-mounted vent shaft
A wall-mounted vent shaft is the ideal solution for medium and high-density development and in cases where access is severely limited.

These vent shafts can be off-set around eaves and gutters on new buildings. They require fixing to double-brickwork or structural concrete over 150mm in thickness or other approved structure.

Available sizes are DN150, DN225 or DN300mm in diameter to any approved height.

Where there are architectural requirements, there is a choice of complying pipe.

We offer a variety of brackets to use for installation of both enclosed and exposed shafts. We specialise in custom designed stainless steel brackets, including on-site welded plates.

Standard vent shaft design

Custom design vent shaft
Where a standard vent shaft design is unsuitable for a project, we have the expertise and capability to create custom designs.

Our depth of understanding of Sydney Water requirements ensures that we can achieve a compliant design.

Contact us to discuss your Sydney Water project requirements with one of our experienced team members.

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Many in the sewer vent shaft industry would balk at a site that called for a non-standard vent shaft design. But as Jeff from Ken Hale Civil discovered, that’s just what the team at SVSR love to get their hands dirty with.

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