Project managing sewer vent solutions for Tamworth Council

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With decades of experience in sewer vent shaft design, fabrication and installation, SVSR is a specialist in sewer vent solutions for regional councils across NSW and Victoria – most recently in Tamworth.

Our recent work for Tamworth Regional Council has involved the removal, fabrication and installation of vent shafts across the town’s sewer network and into surrounding villages. It also required specialist services, including asbestos removal and large crane hire to access difficult sites.

Darryl Moore, Liquid Trade Waste Officer with Tamworth Regional Council, has contracted SVSR a number of times and has been pleased with the results.

We have an ongoing program replacing existing vents, some dating from the 1930s. SVSR has so far removed and replaced about 20 vent shafts in the exact style we were after. It’s what they specialise in, and they get the job done.”

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About the project

Tamworth Regional Council is part way through a project to replace ageing sewer vent shafts, primarily constructed of concrete and, in some cases, containing asbestos.

“We have an ongoing program to replace existing vents that were part of the older style sewer network with communal venting,” explains Darryl.

“Most of the early ones were made of concrete and some contained white asbestos. SVSR has now removed all the asbestos-containing ones, and we’re working through the rest. There is quite a lot to do.”

“The residents can be a bit hesitant at times,” he adds.

“They sometimes haven’t even noticed the shafts until we bring them to their attention. There was one recently that was covered in vines and the owner had thought it was a tree until the foliage died and exposed the concrete. Once we get the new ones in, which look much better, they do tend to be happy.”

Removal and replacement of vent shaft

Complete sewer vent solutions

As part of SVSR’s capability, we look after project management, including liaison with property owners and crane hire. Darryl observes that it has sometimes involved the removal and replacement of property fences or clotheslines to enable access to the shaft.

Millie Dobrosavljevic, who has worked on the Tamworth removal and installations, provides some details:

We did need to organise a 60-tonne crane for one shaft that needed to be lifted over a house, and we had to get electricity shut down for a day for the work on another shaft. There was also a case where we had to remove two fences to provide access for the crane. When we do need to do that, we replace or rebuild everything to make sure it’s back in its original state at the end of the job. Overall, it’s pretty straightforward.”

The timeline for the SVSR team to remove an existing shaft, replace it with a new shaft and vent cowl and return fences or anything else affected to good condition, is one day. “The residents are always pretty good and happy with what we do,” adds Millie.

Men talking about the safety and compliance

Safe and certified services

While it’s not often required, SVSR may sometimes need to remove vent shafts with possible asbestos.

We have an asbestos removal licence, all required protective equipment and the experience to remove the vents safely and efficiently.

While every sewer vent project brings its own challenges, our knowledge and capability ensure we complete each job to specification – and with safety and compliance guaranteed.

“And we always make sure there’s minimal disturbance for residents,” adds Millie.

A man installing vent shaft safely

Dedicated sewer vent specialists

SVSR has a robust understanding of council and commercial client requirements for the removal and replacement of sewer vents and vent cowls. And we’re equipped for every stage of a sewer vent project, from research and development to odour filter fabrication, reo fabrication, concrete formwork and finishing.

We also have a dedicated team of sewer vent specialists, fabricators, installers and licensed crane operators, to ensure we can oversee full project management.

“We’ve found SVSR to be very good,” says Darryl. “We know they will supply what we need, and we’ve been very happy with the quality of the work and the competitive pricing.”

SVSR is proud to service regional councils and commercial businesses across Australia. Please contact us if you need safe, compliant and innovative sewer vent, vent cowl or odour filter solutions.



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