SVSR - Kylie Ridding

Kylie Ridding

Managing Director

Kylie Ridding was young when her father, Len Reynolds, founded his business.

While she knew some parts of the business, it’s safe to say that she didn’t take an active interest in poo pipes…

She went on to study social work, following in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps to set herself up as a sole trader, offering health related services within social work.

And then her dad retired… so in 2011 Kylie was called to take the reins of the family business with her brothers.

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SVSR - Duncan Reynolds

Duncan Reynolds


Duncan Reynolds has been with SVSR since the beginning… he started at the age of 15 as a scaffolder, working on the tools after his dad, Len, founded the business.

These days Duncan works on the R&D side of the business.

“My role is to keep SVSR punching above our weight in terms of knowing what is going on in our industry both nationally and globally.

In construction, there are always new materials, equipment and better ways of doing things. If you are stuck on the coal face you will never see any of that.”

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SVSR Group - Robin Adams

Robin Adams

General Manager

Robin Adams has had a diverse career that led him to the role of General Manager of SVSR in 2015.

He started out in radio and television, working in audio production, before moving to the computer industry where he spent many years.

He has also worked as a sailing instructor and has run his own publishing business.

These days he keeps things humming along nicely at SVSR. If there are customers to quote, he does it. If there are schedules to be fine-tuned, Robin is the guy. If there are processes to improve in the business, Robin is all over it.

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SVSR Group - Patricia Daknalis

Patricia Dakanalis

Administration Manager

Patricia Dakanalis is your go-to for anything admin at SVSR. Payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable, bookkeeping, HR, recruitment, invoicing… she has an overview of the whole business.

And she has an ability to pick up details that others don’t. She calls it intuition but it’s also a very high attention to detail.

Patricia joined SVSR in 2013 and is now like part of the furniture.

“Because I’ve been here for so long, I feel that I am part of the company. If I don’t feel like I have a vested interest, I can’t do my job… I have to feel connected. It gives me pride to know that I’ve done my job well. I like to see everything running smoothly and know that I’ve played a part in that.”

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SVSR Group - Chris Wurzbach

Chris Wurzbach

Operations Manager

“I’ve worked for very big multinational organisations and the complexities of management and getting things done were difficult at times. Working at SVSR there is none of that – everybody is hands on and you can talk to the team to get things done with a minimum of fuss.”

Chris Wurzbach is the SVSR operations superstar.

He ensures the team schedule is up to date and liaises with the team to ensure they have everything they need to get the job done.

If you call the office, it’s likely Chris who will answer the call. Communication is what he does best. Chris started with SVSR in 2017 and loves the team and the work he does with them.

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SVSR Group - Chris Antoun

Chris Antoun

Crane Operator/Compliance Manager/ CAD Specialist

Chris Antoun is the newest member of the SVSR team but he has hit the ground running.

“I love new experiences, using my knowledge to help a different industry. The guys that I’m working with are very knowledgeable and experienced. I know that learning from them will only expand my expertise.”

Chris completed his carpentry apprenticeship before realising that he didn’t want to stay in the industry for the rest of his career.

He discovered the tensile membrane industry and that’s where he worked for 10 years, working his way from labourer to site manager.

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SVSR Group - Manny Vukoman

Manny Vukoman

Crane Operator and Supervisor

Manny Vukoman has been with SVSR almost since the beginning. He recalls attending an interview with Len on a Saturday after responding to an ad in the paper… he started two days later and has been here ever since.

In more than two decades, Manny has seen the industry evolve from the use of ladders and harnesses to the modern cranes and advanced equipment we use today. But that means that Manny is adept at finding solutions to complete any job – big or small.

“On certain sites you can’t get a crane in to do the job. In those cases, we are still able to do it the old way because we are experienced and know how to do it safely.”

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SVSR Group - Millie Dobrosavljevic

Millie Dobrosavljevic

Crane Operator/ Fitter Machinist/ CAD

Millie Dobrosavljevic loves that in his job, every day is different. One day he will be on a site inspection and the next he will be designing and fabricating a new element that the team needs to complete a job.

“I can make basically anything the team needs. Every job is different and sometimes you have to make something to suit the job – it’s not always the same thing. If they need a bracket to mount or anchor the job, I’ll come up with a design, draw it up, get it approved and away I go to make it.”

Millie started working at SVSR in the late 1990s. He left for eight years and came back in 2017, bringing with him new skills and experience to apply to work that he was already so familiar with.

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SVSR Group - Dave Beness

Dave Beness


Dave Beness is one of the longest serving members of the SVSR team.

He’s been with the team since 2002… and in that time he’s seen it all.

“The business has changed so much since I started. When I first started it was all ladder work with ropes and harnesses. It was dangerous work… you had to rely on the other guys in your three-man crew but we have always been good at what we do.”

It’s the camaraderie with the team that Dave enjoys the most. That and the satisfaction of knowing that he is delivering good work for the clients.

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SVSR Group - Nenad Jevremovic

Nenad Jevremovic


Without Nenad Jevremovic, we would come unstuck… literally. He is the SVSR welder and he is damn good at it.

“Because our pipes are big, the welds must be very strong – perfect actually. I have high standards and ensure all my welds are perfect.”

Nenad started at SVSR in 2017 but has been working as a welder since 1995. He has a variety of experience working on milling and lathe machines, big table drilling, tool fabrication and more.

At SVSR he is responsible for all welding, with most of his work done in the fabrication process at our warehouse. But he does join the team on site, especially for larger jobs, if welds are required on site.

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SVSR Group - Katherine Neale

Katherine Neale

Administration Assistant

Katherine is the admin whiz at SVSR. She works on payroll, accounts receivable, ad hoc admin, website updates… whatever the team needs, Katherine is onto it. It’s her attention to detail that makes her so good at her job.

But for Katherine, the people she works with at SVSR are what drive her every day.

“The people make this job. They are great to work with. It’s a good team. Everybody gets on together.”

Katherine started at SVSR in 2014… prior to that she had worked in the city as a legal secretary and then as the office manager at Liverpool General Cemetery.

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Case Studies


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Sewer vent shafts are not usually something you associate with style… but with the capability and experience amongst the SVSR team, nothing is ever out of the question. They just get the job done.

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